Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seriously? Seriously

Four years ago a naive couple went in for an ultrasound. It was a beautiful spring Saturday morning. Unaware of the news awaiting us behind those closed doors we were discussing baby names and some of the hopes and dreams we already had in store for our little one. Finally it was our turn. After some small talk with the technician it was finally time to learn the gender. Bam! We were then hit wth the news that we were having twins! We were both in shock and did not know how to react. The technician told us that the babies seemed to be healthy and looked to be girls. However, she also told me this threw me into the high-risk pool, so I needed to slow down and take it easy.
We left the office feeling very humbled. It's not everyday that you find out you are not only going to be responsible for taking care of two lives growing inside of you. From that point on, we knew that changes had to be made. The hardest change for me was resigning my management position. I loved my job. I loved working 60 hour weeks. Most importantly, I loved the people I worked with. I went from having a life to living life as a hermit.
God had a plan for us. Although we had no idea what He was thinking, we knew we had to trust in Him. This was His will and His gift to us.

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales.....I knew them from little on. I wanted it all. The white horse, the prince who would rescue me from the tower so we could live "happily ever after". It now seems so long ago. What happened to me? Where did I go wrong? Where is my happy ending?

I never imagined I would become a Domestic Goddess, wife and mother. I never thought this is what I wanted until it happened. Becoming a mom is scary. You carry your child for nine months and worry each and every day that you are doing everything right. What foods to eat, how much weight to gain, taking your prenatal vitamins, going to every visit at the ob's office, picking out the right layette, having the perfect nursery, and so forth. Then d-day arrives. This is the day you have been waiting for the past nine months. You are flooded with all kinds of emotions...excitement, nervousness and the realization that life as you once knew it was over.
Once you hold that precious little bundle in your arms you are taken into a new land of fairy tales.