Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Showers

I was asked to co-host a baby shower recently. Yikes! I love baby showers. I think they are a blast, but they are also a little bittersweet for me. After having 5 children, I can honestly say I have only had 1 baby shower that I threw for myself. This was when I was pregnant with the twins. Not one person in my family, my husband's family, or any of the friends I have hosted showers for in the past could throw a shower for me. I find it a little sad. To me, a baby shower is all about celebrating a new life coming into the world. After throwing my own shower, it reaffirmed for me that my husband and I were the only ones who were excited about welcoming not one, but two new lives into our family. The people who attended refused to play any games and made comment after comment when I was opening my gifts because an aunt and two cousins of mine decided to go baby shopping happy. It made me feel that everyone was only there for the free food. As soon as we ate, most of my guests left, but asked if I could save them some cake and they could pick it up from my house later that evening.

I guess what I am trying to say today is: Ladies, please remember this when you attend future baby showers. Every expectant mom, no matter how many children she has, really just wants one day to feel that others are excited for her as well.

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  1. oh I am sorry people were not excited about your new babies. I think when people react like this, they are jealous.

    We don't really do baby showers in Australia. I haven't ever been to one and haven't ever had one.